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Porto, a charismatic city

In addition to its cinematographic and overwhelming beauty at first sight, Porto is a charismatic city. The city was built on Douro River’s margins, showing a strong identity, marked by its inhabitants, by the traditional, slightly medieval streets, by the contrasts balancing between the purest of authenticities and the truly unique restaurants, shops, hotels, galleries and museums, that keep up with the largest international metropolitan areas.

Close to what really matters

There is another Porto to discover at ESSENZA. A peaceful and secretive Porto located between the Atlantic and Parque da Cidade. A city where days are lived with additional freshness.

Close to what really matters, talking with nature. One step away from Foz lifestyle, the high-end shop and boutique glamour of Avenida da Boavista, the culture and art of Museu Serralves or Casa da Música, surrounded by services essential to our daily lives, renowned schools and universities.

Porto - Points of interest

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There is another Port to discover at ESSENZA. A quiet and reserved Porto between the Atlantic and Parque da Cidade. Where the days breathe with another freshness.


Breathe the city

ESSENZA has a privileged view over 83 hectares of green areas that extend to the Atlantic Ocean, providing you with a different perspective of Porto. Deemed by the Portuguese Engineer’s Association as one of the “100 most outstanding constructions made in Portugal in the 20th century”, Parque da Cidade — Portugal’s large urban park — coming at your window and inviting you to explore its corners by foot, bike or in family picnics.

A building erected at Porto’s green heart where we can feel the beach fragrances that run across Foz or all park aromas in a sophisticated landscape designed to transform this area into the city’s nature haven.

It's in your nature

ESSENZA unveils a unique lifestyle. A surprising view over the city leaning on Parque da Cidade, where comfort and safety blend with landscape natural beauty and the sophistication of a project designed by Manuel Ventura and Paulo Lobo. A city with more time with more time to enjoy life’s most essential pleasures.

Parque da Cidade is Portugal’s largest urban park. An idyllic, natural scenery covering the city in peacefulness.

“I’m not really woke up until I catch my first wave in the morning.”


A signature Project, a unique identity

Manuel Ventura’s contemporary architecture, dominated by marked lines and pronounced glazed areas, creates a harmonious dialogue between the concrete rigidity and the natural landscape organic shapes that extend near the building entrance.

"Designing a residential building over looking the park really stimulated the imagination. The ideas took shape and form through the search for balance between nature and artifice, between experience and research into contemporary buildings. The construction will make all design and conceptualisation that went to it come true. The ESSENZA building will endure and become part of the location and the memory of those who live in it.”
Manuel Ventura

Interior Design

The common areas of Essenza are authored by the Portuense designer known for spaces that put the functionality in profound dialogue with aesthetics.

In This project, Paulo Lobo leverages the light and forms of nature as inspiration, creating areas in pastel tones stuffed with objects with movement and curves.

"This project is traced by atmospheres marked by intensity. Everything serves as an inspiration, and every feature can drive the design.”

The construction will make all design and conceptualisation that went to it come true. The ESSENZA building will endure and become part of the location and the memory of those who live in it.

In harmony with nature

ESSENZA invites the park to enter your home, framing such amazing landscape in wide windows. Some selected houses allow you to be even closer to nature by means of their gardens, balconies and private deck terraces, glass fibre pools, and exclusive pergolas. Top floor lounge area’s outstanding views unveil Parque da Cidade’s green vastness with a glimpse of Douro River in the horizon, making you forget about city’s frantic pace while diving in the heated pool or during a barbecue among friends.

“The Park has become our playing field.”

A life illuminated by the sun

ESSENZA provides you with sun warmth, due to its balanced, cosy and versatile space showing a perfect symbiosis between abundant natural light and wide liveable areas. Area luminosity and vastness gives rise to higher wellness levels per square metre with highly detailed interiors, radiant floor made of oak with white varnish and high-quality finishes that add distinction to your daily routine, like the Carrara marble in bathrooms and kitchens, OtimaH frames, Padimat taps, accessories and tableware, or the state-of-the-art iCook kitchen fully equipped with premium appliances.

Technology lives for itself

ESSENZA means technology and security. In addition to the lobby guard, the building has forefront equipment like CCTV video surveillance systems for common areas, access control and elevators with floor coding, therefore ensuring full protection and privacy. For improved convenience, each apartment is equipped with a state-of-the-art Home Automation system, Wi-Fi in every room, along with other sustainable, pioneer solutions, therefore simplifying daily tasks. Stunning innovation due to its functionality, elegance and comfort.


ESSENZA’s personality is immediately felt at arrival. Formed by 25 apartments, ESSENZA is the perfect area for your life allocated into 1-bedroom to 6-bedroom typologies with areas from 140sqm to 385sqm, duplex and triplex solutions, distributed by five floors, storage room and two underground private parking floors.


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